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Executive Board Positions and Descriptions

All Board members are expected to:

  • Serve as an active, participating member of the Board.

  • Maintain current SNCA membership.

  • Attend Board meetings and annual conference to the best of their ability.

  • Monitor the Board listserv regularly and respond to requests for comments or approval within the parameters stated.

  • File an annual report within stated guidelines and ensure its presentation at the annual business meeting.

  • Submit committee budget request for board approval and monitor committee expenditures.

  • Follow retention schedule guidelines.

President: 1 year term

Responsible for calling and presiding over Board meetings, presiding over the annual business meeting, issuing official communication from the Society to external organizations, and facilitates adherence to Board Book for all Board members. Nominees for president shall have previously served on the board.

  • Directs and coordinates the affairs of the Society

  • Creates agendas for Board meetings and Annual Business Meetings

  • Presides at all meetings of the Society and the Board

  • Follows up with board members on action items and endeavors to facilitate adherence to responsibilities as described in Board Book

  • Maintains the Board Book

  • Performs duties as directed by the Board

Vice President/Program Chair: 1 year term

Plans an annual conference and oversees all activities associated with it, including the formation of a program committee, the nomination of an associate program chair, calling program committee meetings, and issuing official communications for program participants. Serves as president as the need arises. Nominees for vice president must have previously served on the board or on a Society committee.

  • Plans and organizes annual Society conference, which includes, but is not limited to, the following activities: scouting and securing venues, selecting and scheduling speakers and panels, coordinating food/beverages and accommodations

  • Submits a categorized conference budget for Board approval at least 8 months in advance of a scheduled conference

  • Works with the Education Chair to arrange for pre-conference educational workshops

  • Adheres to the conference location rotation schedule: Eastern, Central, Western, Central 

  • Performs the duties of the president in the event of the president’s absence

Secretary: 2 year term

Serves as the official recorder and records manager for the society.

  • Compiles minutes of the Society’s business and Board meetings, circulates them for approval within 2 weeks, and records approval vote within one month. 

  • Keeps active records of the Society including minutes of the Society’s business and Board meetings

  • Conducts administrative correspondence, namely the sending of notices to members concerning the annual business meeting, elections, or other voting matters

  • Serves as records manager for the Society, enforcing the retention schedule and coordinating the transfer of records to the State Archives

  • Maintains retention schedules for the Board

Treasurer: 2 year term

Oversees and administers the fiscal aspects of the Society. Appoints an assistant treasurer as needed. Works with the membership chair to track the timely payment of membership dues and Program Chair to process registration fees. Nominees for treasurer must have been a member of the Society for at least two years.

  • Has custody of all funds belonging to the Society and shall disburse them in accordance with the annual budget

  • Keeps accurate records of all financial transactions

  • Recommends an assistant treasurer who may attend Board meetings as a non-voting member or as a voting member in the treasurer’s absence

  • Ensures an effective redundancy plan in case of incapacitation or long-term absence of the treasurer

  • Oversees responsible stewardship of funds, including investments

  • Pays out awards to award winners

Development Officer: 2 year term

Oversees a committee that undertakes development efforts for the Society, including promotion of the Michelle Francis Endowment and scholarships. Works with the Program Committee to secure sponsors for and present awards at the annual conference.

  • Oversees solicitation of nominees for the Thornton W. Mitchell Award, selection of the winner, procurement of a physical award (if any), and presentation of the award 

  • Solicits applicants for the Michelle Francis Scholarship at least 60 days before the annual conference; oversees winner selection process, and notifies all applicants of the results before early registration deadline 

  • Serves on the Program Committee to coordinate the solicitation of funding for conferences, including vendor/sponsor recruitment and/or grants

  • Advises other committees on advertising or sponsorship solicitation

  • Recommends uses for the Michelle Francis Endowment and promotes contributions to it 

Education Chair: 2 year term

Directs and coordinates the activities of the education committee, which plans and promotes archival education opportunities. Selects the Gene Williams Award and C. David Jackson Scholarship winners.

  • Solicits entries for the Gene Williams Award each semester, oversees the selection of a winner within a timeline agreed upon by the Publications Chair or J-SNCA Managing Editor, and notifies all of the above in a timely manner

  • Solicits applicants for the David Jackson Scholarship at least 60 days before the annual conference; oversees winner selection process, and notifies all applicants of the results before early registration deadline 

  • Oversees workshops held in conjunction with the annual conference

  • Oversees education initiatives for the Society outside of annual conference workshops

  • Serves as a liaison to graduate student groups and recommends disbursement of grant funds to them, if requested

Electronic Resources Chair: 2 year term

Oversees the Society listserv, website, and Google Drive. Responsible for all electronic resources initiatives undertaken by the Society.

  • Supervises administration of the listservs and webmaster functions at; may delegate to individuals who serve as members of Electronic Resources Committee 

  • Manages access to the Google Drive for Executive Committee members as they roll on and are elected

  • Oversees blog technical infrastructure and security

  • Provides technical support to board members as needed

  • Ensures a timely response to website or listserv issues, within 48 hours if at all possible

Membership Chair: 2 year term 

Oversees maintenance, design, and accuracy of the membership database, and sends out renewal notices. Maintains the list of current members and works with the electronic resources chair in the maintenance of an online membership directory. Coordinates social outings/mixers and undertakes membership recruitment efforts, with the assistance of a committee.

  • Oversees the maintenance of membership database, sends out dues notices, and contacts those members who do not renew

  • Ensures access to the membership database by designating a backup person and redundancy plan in case of catastrophe

  • Coordinates with the president for welcome letters to new members

  • Supervises the membership committee 

  • Coordinates initiatives to solicit new members, including coordinating and staffing an information table at the Society’s conference, and outreach to graduate students

  • Works with the electronic resources chair on the availability of the membership directory

Archives Month Chair: 2 year term 

Coordinates the planning and promotion of Archives Week. Supports initiatives that promote archives and the archival profession

  • Heads the Archives Month committee, which establishes a theme and special events during the month of October

  • Collaborates with the development committee regarding funding and marketing for Archives Month as needed

  • Communicates with Society membership to encourage activities and awareness

  • Coordinates with other committee chairs on year-round opportunities to promote archives and the archival profession, such as May Day.

Nomination Committee Chair: 1 year term 

Responsible for convening a committee to solicit nominations for any vacant positions on the Board and presentation of those nominations at the annual business meeting. Held by the immediate past president or a person appointed by the Board who has served on the Executive Board within the past three years.

  • Recruits, selects, and recommends a Nominating Committee of no less than three former board members to the Board for approval

  • Announces a slate of nominations at least 30 days prior to Annual Business Meeting, or on March 1st in event of there not being a Spring meeting.

Publications Chair: 2 year term 

Oversees the publication of the Society’s newsletter and other Society publications. Responsible for publication initiatives undertaken by the Society.

  • Monitors the work of the newsletter editor and the Journal for the Society of North Carolina Archivists’ managing editor and reports progress and concerns to the Board

  • Supports and ensures timely bi-annual production of the newsletter, The North Carolina Archivist, or alternative method of communicating news items of interest in a timely manner

  • Supports and ensures timely annual production of J-SNCA; ensures maintenance of records such as contracts, templates, and style guides

  • Recommends new publication initiatives

  • Oversees the social media presence for SNCA on various platforms

  • Ensures that photographs are taken at Society meetings

Member at Large, Regional Archives Associations Consortium representative: 2 year term 

  • Acts as SNCA’s representative to the Society of American Archivists (SAA) Regional Archival Association Consortium (RAAC). Assists in discussion and decision making processes.
  • Participates in a RAAC subcommittee. Represents SNCA at the RAAC meeting held during SAA’s annual meeting. If SNCA’s RAAC representative is unable to attend the SAA annual meeting, the Board will approve a substitute. (The second member at large will have right of first refusal to the role of substitute which may be appointed from the board or a member of a SNCA committee.) A travel stipend in an amount to be determined annually by the Executive Board will be provided for travel required for the RAAC representative to SAA’s annual meeting. This position can be filled by anyone in the profession, regardless of years of experience.

Member at Large, new professional and student member representative: 2 year term 

  • Serves as a liaison to library schools in North Carolina. 
  • Filled by a SNCA graduate student member or an emerging professional in their first 5 years of the profession. 
  • Assists in discussion and decision making processes. 
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