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Listserv and Blog Guidelines

Permitted Postings

Prohibited Postings

Posting Procedures

  • All SNCA Board emails related to general SNCA matters
  • Archival conference/meeting/workshop announcements and invitations
  • Calls for conference proposals, presentations, posters, etc.
  • Calls for papers, journal articles, blog posts, etc.
  • News announcements related to or impacting archives in North Carolina, nationally, or the archives profession in general
  • Job openings in archives and related fields*
      • *Highly recommended to include expected salary or salary range
  • Social event announcements and invitations from archival/library-related groups and organizations (happy hours, meet-ups, etc.)
  • Announcements of new (or newly-accessible) collections, digital collections, exhibits, rare books, etc.
  • Announcements by institutions related to collection access restrictions or delays due to closures, renovations, moves, etc.
  • Offerings of or requests for tips, tricks, best practices, shared documentation, policies, resources, etc. related to the archival profession
  • Academic, research, and non-profit surveys related to archives and libraries
  • Self-promotion of published works, journal articles, etc. related to the archival profession or use of archival materials
  • Blog-post specific
      • Information regarding personnel (can include: promotions, awards, retirements, etc.), upcoming exhibits at your institution, recent successful programs at your institution (digital or physical), notable acquisitions or publications, grant awards, and anything else related
  • Content wholly unrelated to the archives profession
  • Anything deemed abusive, libelous, obscene, defamatory, or derogatory towards any person or group
  • Content that threatens or harasses a member of SNCA
  • For-profit solicitation, including but not limited to:
      • Third-party promotion of works or material sold for profit
      • Surveys or information requests done for profit or unrelated to the profession
      • Funding or donation requests of any kind
  • Information deemed personal or confidential
  • Images or videos, or links to images or videos, that include any of the above
  • Emails sent to the SNCA Gmail address that contain content on the Permitted list will be forwarded to the listserv

    • If unsure, contact the Board President for guidance before submitting
  • Emails sent with content on the Prohibited list will be deleted and not forwarded
  • Emails sent directly to the listserv by a current SNCA member that contain content on the Prohibited list shall be handled as follows:
    • 1st email:  A warning with reminder of submission guidelines
    • 2nd email:  Blocked from posting on the listserv
    • 3rd email:  Removed and banned from SNCA
  • Emails sent directly to the listserv by external parties with content on the Prohibited list will be permanently blocked
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