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Wikipedia Edit-a-Thon Toolkit

Welcome to the Wikipedia Edit-a-Thon Toolkit, sponsored by SNCA's Education Committee.

This toolkit was created by several NC librarians and archivists who found sharing tips and resources with each other to be helpful as we began to plan our first edit-a-thons. Our goals are to share what we've learned (sometimes the hard way) and to provide a centralized source of information for any librarian or archivist wanting to bring a Wikipedia edit-a-thon to their community.

We encourage you to help us develop this toolkit, so that we can build a body of information and a statewide network of edit-a-thon experts! As you plan and host your own edit-a-thons, please consider writing a case study for our case studies page. Or send comments, tips and other suggestions for improvement or expansion to

You'll find a list of past or upcoming Wikipedia edit-a-thons held in North Carolina here. We look forward to seeing your edit-a-thon listed soon.


This toolkit was created by Amelia Holmes, Emily JackAmy McDonald, and Kelly Wooten in March 2016. Special thanks to Anne Ligon Harding, SNCA's Electronic Resources Chair, for her expert assistance in getting this toolkit online!

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