Volume 2, No. 1 Summer 2003

Journal for the Society of North Carolina Archivists, Volume 2, No. 1 Summer 2003

  • Archives at One Hundred 
    by Dr. Jerry C. Cashion
  • Archives, The Next 100 Years: or, The Past Through Tomorrow
    by Timothy D. Pyatt
  • Authors as Donors: Some Challenges, Reflections, and Suggestions
    by Walter C. West
  • Managing the Digital University Desktop: Understanding and Empowering the Individual; Preserving the Public Record and Institutional History
    by Dr. Helen R. Tibbo
  • Reviews
    • Encoded Archival Description Tag Library, Version 2002. Chicago, IL: Society of American Archivists, 2002. Reviewed by Joshua McKim
    • Ginn, Mary Lea, edSample Forms for Archival and Records Management Programs. Lenexa, KS and Chicago, IL: ARMA International and SAA, 2002. Reviewed by Meg Phillips

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