Volume 1, No. 1 Summer 2002

Journal for the Society of North Carolina Archivists, Volume 1, No. 1 Summer 2002

  • SAA and SNCA: Communities of Archivists and Interest
    by Steven L. Hensen
  • Electronic Text Projects Revisited
    by Russell S. Koonts
  • Reaching out to Researchers: A Model for Web-based User Education for Archives and Manuscript Collections
    by Jill Katte
  • Institutionalizing Success: The Growth of a Digital Strategy in the Cornell University Library System
    by John Foster
  • Reviews
    • Proctor, Margaret and C.P. Lewis, ed. New Directions in Archival Research. Liverpool: Liverpool University Centre for Archival Studies, 2000. Review by Paula Jeannet Mangiafico
    • Dearstyne, Bruce, ed. Effective Approaches for Managing Electronic Records and Archives. Lanham, MD: Scarecrow Press, 2002. Reviewed by Katherine M. Wisser

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