Vol. 14, 2017

J-SNCA Vol. 14, 2017

Front Matter JSNCA Volume 14 cover

  • Reviews
      • Geof Huth, Megan Barnard, Gabriela Redwine, Erin Faulder, Michael Shallcross, and Christopher J. Prom. Appraisal and acquisition strategies. Chicago: Society of American Archivists. 2016. Reviewed by Rosemary K. J. Davis.
      • Allen Foster and Pauline Rafferty, eds. Managing Digital Cultural Objects: Analysis, Discovery and Retrieval. Chicago: ALA-Neal Schuman. 2016.  Reviewed by Paula Jeannet Mangiafico.
      • Jeannette A. Bastian, Megan Sniffin-Marinoff, and Donna Webber. Archives in Libraries: What Librarians and Archivists Need to Know to Work Together. Chicago: Society of American Archivists. 2015.  Reviewed by Pam Calfo.