New elements for DACS

Congratulations go out to Alston Cobourn (East Carolina University) for the culmination of the long-term effort she and Patrick Galligan (Rockefeller Archives Center) spearheaded to get a new element added to Describing Archives: A Content Standard. In addition to element 8.2, the SAA Council recently unanimously approved the proposal for element 13.10.

Chapter 8 (Description Control) will now include required element 8.2, Rights Statement for Archival Description. Chapter 13 (Authority Record Management) will include a new required element 13.10, Rights Statement for Archival Authority Records. Chapters 1 and 9 will also be updated to reflect the new required elements. 

The Technical Subcommittee on Describing Archives: A Content Standard (DACS) (TS-DACS) will begin work to add the new elements to the user-friendly version available here and work with SAA Publications on updating the PDF publication. Additionally, the Technical Subcommittee will begin developing educational resources designed to assist DACS users with implementation of these elements.  A more detailed description of the new elements may be viewed here.

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