Updates from Central Piedmont Archives

Contributed by Erin Allsop

The finding aid database for Central Piedmont Community College is now publicly available! They are working to clean up records and enter information for new collections. Please visit archives.cpcc.edu for more information.

In collaboration with library staff, the Archives staff has created some digital exhibits using LibGuides. There is still much work to be done, but this is a great start!

Faculty Collaborations:

  • Legacy Series Project
    • Collaborating with Liz Rogers and her JOU110 students to conduct oral history interviews with Central Piedmont Retirees. These interviews will be led by student reporters, as part of their final assignment, and will be added to the Archives upon completion and will be used for future exhibits. The interviews took place on Tuesday, Nov. 5th and Thursday, Nov. 7th. Final summary and updates of the project will be shared after the new year.
  • Creative Writing Project 
    • Collaborating with Angelina Oberdan and her ENG125 students to curate creative writing poems, using archival images as prompts. These works will be incorporated into the archive collection and into exhibits.
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