Ready About!

Contributed by Kelly Spring

[This is the 6th in a series -- see also the 1st and 2nd and 3rd and 4th and 5th installments about ECU's migration to ArchivesSpace.]

We pirates have been busy in the past few months. Our scallywag data is in ArchivesSpace (AS), 95% of our digital objects are reconciled to the finding aids, our authorities database is up and running, and the crew is fully using the AS staff interface. We’re preparing to tack towards the public user interface, so avast ye, mates! A new look is coming!

In true pirate fashion, we’ve commandeered our own PUI. New features of the frontend interface will include digital object integration, the ability to search across all repositories, highlighted search results, and a built-in request system.

search results for Pirate

Not to mention, the staff are ecstatic about directly importing EADs complete with digital objects and authorities! No more enticing the developer with Swedish fish and root beer barrels to script in container lists, and no more stockpiling Truffles (Confectionery) in case of cataloging mutiny. When can ye landlubbers expect to see the kumquats of our labor? Look for our new interface to come about just in time for the winter holidays.

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