New Veterans Oral History Collection Online

Contributed by Matthew Peek

The Military Collection at the State Archives of North Carolina is excited to announce the launch of the digital Veterans Oral History Collection through the North Carolina Digital Collections. The Military Collection’s North Carolina Veterans Oral History Program has the goal to capture and provide access to the memories and experiences of military servicemen and servicewomen from North Carolina. The overall collection includes more than 1,100 oral history interviews, the majority of which are in analog formats and scheduled for future digitization. These 25 interviews in the digital collection—all conducted since 2015 with state-of-the-art digital audio recorders used by the State Archives—document veterans from World War II to the Iraq War as well as individuals serving during peacetime.

The interviews include:

  • a U.S. Army helicopter crew chief who flew missions in Cambodia during the Vietnam War
  • women who served during the integration of the Women’s Army Corps into the regular Army in 1978
  • a U.S. Air Force Russian language specialist conducting radio communications surveillance by aircraft of Soviet Union radio communications from the northern Arctic coast of Russia during the 1970s
  • a woman whose family farm was taken under eminent domain for the creation of Camp Butner in 1942.

There are also interviews with Vietnam War intelligence officers, U.S. Air Force communications specialists during the era around the September 11th attacks and the early days of the Iraq War, and a U.S. Army Air Force as a tail gunner with the 14th Air Force in China during WWII.  Additional interviews will be added as they are conducted in coming years.

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