Project Ceres grant to NCSU

Contributed by Todd Kosmerick

The NCSU Libraries has received a Project Ceres grant to continue its longstanding efforts to digitize historical publications of the North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service.

This specific project will help make some of the Libraries’ print collections more discoverable and accessible on its Rare and Unique Digital Collections website. Targeted publications date from 1922 to 1988 and include 4-H, home economics, and general agriculture titles. A representative few of the many titles that will be digitized include:

  • Cracked Eggs Leak Profit
  • Some Do's and Don'ts in Marketing Fruits and Vegetables
  • State 4-H Health Pageant: Mission: Unhealthy, The Fink Food Fracas
  • Making Muscadine and Other Wines at Home
  • Honey Bees in North Carolina

More information is on the NCSU Libraries' website.

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