2016 Workshops (Charlotte, NC)

2016 SNCA Conference: Workshops

All preconference workshops take place on Wednesday, March 30 at the Mercy Heritage Center.

Title: Introduction to Digital Humanities for Archivists & Librarians
Time: 9:00am-12:00pm Cost: $20

Description: This workshop will introduce digital humanities concepts, and provide a hands-on learning experience for archivists and librarians looking to become more engaged with digital scholarship. After completing the workshop, participants will be able to describe several digital projects that engage archival or special collections materials with a deeper understanding of how digital humanists and information professionals can collaborate. During the workshop, participants will roll up their sleeves and begin using lightweight tools to build digital timelines, create digital maps, and perform simple text analysis. Workshop attendees should bring their own laptops.

Title: Using Omeka for Online Archive Development
Time: 1:00-4:00pm Cost: $20

Description: Learn how to use the Omeka online archive development tool to create digital collections of multimedia source materials using Omeka.net or your own hosted site. Create items and collections, organize them into online exhibitions, and share them with the public. Collaborate with colleagues on collection development and management. Explore plug-ins to increase administrative functionality and output options, including the Neatline time-map and Curatescape mobile device extensions. This interactive workshop will be taught with existing metadata spreadsheets, images, audio, and video from the Frank Clyde Brown collection of 1930s folk music, but users may also choose to experiment with their own materials. Workshop attendees should bring their own laptops.

Title: Making the Most of Social Media: Strategic Planning for Effective Engagement
Time: 1:00-4:00pm Cost: $20

Description: This workshop will explore ways in which archivists can use social media to strategically advocate for and promote their work and collections. Most archivists don’t have “manage social media” as part of their job description, yet many of us do just that (or, at least, recognize its current and growing importance). With an understanding of platforms available and a strategic plan in place to guide content development, archivists can engage with audiences through social media without distracting from their primary job responsibilities (or without having to resort to the unsustainable “get an intern to do it” plan). In this workshop, we’ll work through the key elements of a successful social media plan, including audience identification, platform demographics, content development, promotion, and assessment. Workshop attendees are welcome—but not required—to bring laptops.