2013 Tri-State Annual Meeting Theme

The Tri-State Program Committee proudly announces the theme for the 2013 joint annual meeting: Prepared in Mind and Resources: Collaboration, Relevance, and the Re-Imagined Archives.

The Committee, made up of members of the Society of North Carolina Archivists, the South Carolina Archival Association, and the Society of Georgia Archivists, invite you to attend the meeting, to be held at Furman University’s Younts Center in Greenville, South Carolina, October 17-18, 2013. The call for presentations will go out on April 1 and the call for posters will go out May 1. Workshops will be held on October 16.

Prepared in Mind and Resources (Animis Opibusque Paration on the state seal for South Carolina) reflects the work of archivists, who often have to balance the theoretical and practical aspects of the profession. For the 2013 annual meeting, the Tri-State Program Committee sees these cornerstones of our work – theory and practice – through the following lenses:

  • Collaboration. We are more than the sum of our parts. What can we achieve working with each other, with non-archives professionals in our own and other cultural institutions, with historians (including those in the public and oral history fields), with researchers and other stakeholders who benefit from our work?
  • Relevance. Taking into account changes in technology, budget cuts, and how archives are being used (and by whom), how do we remain relevant? Continuing education, outreach, advocacy, and diversity all have a role to play.
  • The Re-Imagined Archives. As we break away from stereotypes and make our rich collections more and more accessible through the Internet, we ask: How has theory and practice changed? How have our users changed? And who is being represented in our collections that may not have been previously (or should be if not)?

Please direct questions to either of the Tri-State Program Committee co-chairs. We hope to see you in October!

Ashley Burdett, South Carolina Archival Association

Traci Drummond, Society of Georgia Archivists

Jennifer Motszko, Society of North Carolina Archivists

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