Vol. 12, 2015

J-SNCA Vol. 12, 2015

  • Reviews
    • Sidney E. Berger. Rare Books and Special Collections. Chicago: Neal-Schuman, 2014. Reviewed by Liz Adams.
    • Anne J. Gilliland. Conceptualizing 21S'-Century Archives. Chicago: Society of American Archivists, 2014. Reviewed by Jan Blodgett.
    • Daniel Santamaria. Extensible Processing for Archives and Special Collections: Reducing Processing Backlogs. Chicago: Neal-Schuman, 2015. Reviewed by Kelly Agan.
    • Patricia C. Franks. Records and Information Management. London: Facet, 2013. Reviewed by Jessika Drmacich-Flach.
    • Katharine Lehman, editor. Interacting with History: Teaching with Primary Sources. Chicago: American Library Association, 2014. Reviewed by Erin Lawrimore.
    • Adrian Brown. Practical Digital Preservation: A How-To Guide for Organizations of Any Size. Chicago: Neal-Schuman, 2013. Reviewed by Pam Mitchem.
    • Freda Matassa. Organizing Exhibitions: A Handbook for Museums, Libraries, and Archives. London: Facet, 2014. Reviewed by Kathelene McCarty Smith.