Bucknall Receives the 2019 Governor’s Award for Excellence in Efficiency and Innovation and the 2019 Distinguished Service Award from NCLA

Tim Bucknall, Assistant Dean for Electronic Resources and Information Technology and Associate Professor for University Libraries has been awarded the 2019 Governor’s Award for Excellence in Efficiency and Innovation. The Governor’s Award is the highest honor a state employee may receive for dedicated service to the state and the people of North Carolina, recognizing the accomplishments and actions of individuals that are outside of the usual scope of their job duties. He was nominated in this category for his ability to improve the efficiency of state government services while also establishing new and improved methods, practices, plans and designs that have resulted in innovation, savings, and efficiencies.

As founder and convener of the Carolina Consortium, Bucknall has organized a group of more than 180 libraries at public and private colleges, universities, community colleges, and seminaries, as well as public libraries in North Carolina and South Carolina. These libraries are able to license databases and streaming video resources, subscribe to journal packages, and provide access to additional resources for their faculty, students, and communities with a cost avoidance of $398 million in 2018. The consortium’s service population is about 750,000 users.

Tim Bucknall  photo
Chris English/UNCG Photo

Bucknall was honored again in 2019 for his service to libraries when he was awarded the Distinguished Service Award by the North Carolina Library Association (NCLA). The award is presented every two years, or when deemed appropriate, to a member of the Association who has made significant contributions to the profession.

Criteria for receiving the award include distinguished service to North Carolina, significant service or other professional contributions provided during either a short or long span of time, and service resulting in a regional or national impact on librarianship in general. 

With Journal Finder, Bucknall invented the very first open URL link resolver in the United States, which changed how libraries and students access journals and e-resources, significantly improving the ability to do academic research. Not only has Bucknall created and developed these tools and services, he also shares his experience and knowledge with others in the profession through writing and presenting on various topics, such as technology, online catalogs, electronic resources, serials management issues, open access, and more.

Prior to joining UNCG in 1994, Bucknall served as Electronic Services Librarian at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC-CH). He received his bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts from the University of Texas-Austin and earned his MLIS and MA in Art History from UNC-CH.

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