Upcoming lecture at ECU’s Laupus Library

Contributed by Marlena Rose

On November 11 at 4:30PM, East Carolina University’s Laupus Library will host “Coca, Cacao, and Chinchona: Medical Marvels and Curiosities from the Iberian New World,” a lecture given by Angela Thompson, Ph.D., retired ECU history professor. This lecture is part of the Ruth and John Moskop History of Medicine Lecture Series and is hosted by the Medical History Interest Group.

When Columbus “bumped” into the lands of the New World, he hoped to find spices and gold. What he found instead in these lands he never understood were “new” plants and animals unknown in the Old World that would provide an unlimited cornucopia of foods and medicines far more valuable than gold or the spices of Asia. Coca, cacao, and chinchona are just three of these marvels from the New World that have had religious, medicinal, and food value for Native Americans and beyond. Thompson will explore the history of these and other marvelous and curious plants and animals from the New World.

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Angela Thompson recently retired from ECU’s Department of History, where she was a professor of Latin American and Atlantic World history for 30 years. She has researched, written, and taught about the history of medicine, disease, food, and public health in the Atlantic World, among other topics.

This event is free and open to the public. Refreshments will be provided. The lecture will also feature a pop-up display.

For directions and parking information, visit: https://hsl.ecu.edu/about/directions/

RSVP on Facebook here:  https://www.facebook.com/events/656394651552254/

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