2019 Archives Month theme

Contributed by Patrick Dollar and Colin Reeve

We’re already gearing up for Archives Month 2019!

The Archives Month Committee is pleased to announce the theme of Archives Month 2019: Activism and Social Justice in North Carolina!

Although we’re still a few months away, October is closer than you think. Start thinking now about what images you have to go into our yearly poster design, and -- new this year -- button design! The Archives Month committee will be soliciting submissions for images in June, so watch the SNCA blog and social media feed.

What is Archives Month?

Archives Month is a yearly recognition of the institutions and individuals who document, preserve, and make accessible the historical and archival materials of the North Carolina, its local communities, and the broader nation.

To celebrate Archives Month, archival institutions across the country host events to raise public awareness about the archival profession. This year the event that is considered to be the best will be awarded a trophy.

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