Newly processed collections at the East Carolina Manuscript Collection

Contributed by Dale Sauter

  • Red Banks Primitive Baptist Church Records, 1882-2000 (#1273)

This collection includes a ledger book containing records (August 1882-December 1996) of the Red Banks Primitive Baptist Church located at the intersection of Fourteenth Street and Fire Tower Road in Greenville, North Carolina. The church was founded in 1758, but the present building was built in 1893. Included are minutes of the Conference meetings (1882-1996), which also mention when members join or leave or die, lists of some of the members with identifying information related to membership status, and loose papers. Also included are a treasurer’s book (1964-2000) and a minutes book (1990-2000).

  • William and Harry Whittaker Papers, 1964-1968 (#1293)

William and Harry Whittaker were brothers who both served in the U.S. Army during the Vietnam War. William mainly served in West Germany while Harry was sent to Vietnam in 1967. Their letters to each other cover the years 1964 to 1968 and discuss both basic training in Fort Dix, New Jersey, and Fort Jackson, South Carolina, and their service in West Germany and Vietnam. Also included are numerous photographs taken by Harry while he was stationed in Vietnam.

  • Henry Berry Lowrie (Lowery) Papers, 1864-1872 (#1271)

This collection contains eight documents (1864-1872) relating to the Lowrie (Lowery) Gang of outlaws based in Robeson County, North Carolina. Included are a Grand Jury indictment (1864) of three "free Negroes" (two are named Lowrie) for theft, two summons in Robeson County (1868) and Columbus County (1869) to bring Henry B. Lowery to court for trial for murder, and an affidavit and four Grand Jury payment receipts (1872) related to an indictment of Thomas Brady ("Lowrie Outlaws" sympathizer) for murder.

  • Phoenix Society for African American Research, Inc., Records, 1915-1955, 2001-2013 (#1260)

The Phoenix Society for African American Research, Inc., was founded in 2002 to recover, record, and promote the unique history of Edgecombe County (North Carolina) as experienced by members of its African American community. After participating in many events to that end, the group disbanded in 2010. This collection contains the society’s official records, brochures, and publications related to research and sponsored projects.

  • William B. Martin Papers, 1942-1945, 2006 (bulk 1942-1945) (#1226)

Collection (1942-1945, 2006) of documents, maps, printed materials, etc., relating to his service as a Quartermaster 3d Class aboard the USS Ann Arundel (AP-76) during World War II, including autobiographical accounts of four voyages, and descriptions of its actions during the Normandy invasion of 6 June 1944.

  • Joseph F. Steelman Papers, 1963-1969 (#774)

Printed materials (1960-1990) received by Drs. Joseph and Lala Steelman related to the National Democratic Party and related organizations concerning social, environmental, and political issues (1969-1990), and Historical Organization Files (1960-1990) concerning issues related to North Carolina history.

  • Housing Authority of the City of Greenville (NC) Collection, 1955-1990 (#923)

Collection (1955-1990) of minutes, agendas, notes, correspondence, reports, and newsletters related to the donor's activities as a board member of the Housing Authority of Greenville, North Carolina, and supporter of public housing.

  • Lawrence and Florence White Papers, ca. 1940-1996 (#1267)

This collection includes a Wedding Anniversary Scrapbook (ca. 1940-1996) kept by Lawrence White and Florence Hines White of Hope Plantation located on Washington Post Road in New Bern, North Carolina; digital images of the images in a photograph album created by the donor which documents the lives of Lawrence and Florence White of Hope Plantation and their families; and digital images of plantation chits related to farms in the Washington Post Road area. Also included are farm record books (1944, 1948) and related documents (1943-1950).

  • Gerda Nischan Papers, 1930, 1946-1947, 1976-2014 (#1000)

The Gerda Nischan Papers contains letters (1930, 1946-1947), handwritten in German between Otto Baumann and his wife, Barbara Hock, all but one written during the time Baumann was a German soldier in a French prisoner of war camp, 1946-1947, and typescripts in English by Baumann's daughter, Gerda Nischa, including an explanation of the letters, and 7 poems inspired by the letters. In 2010 Gerda Nischan wrote a book based on the letters titled Briefe an einen Kriegsgefangenen, an English translation written in 2014 ( Letters to a Prisoner of War), and a novel in German (2013) called Dieses neue Leben which are included in these papers.

  • Rotary Club of Greenville, N.C. Records, 1919-2016 (#334)

Records (1919-2016) of the Rotary Club of Greenville, North Carolina, including correspondence, minutes, financial papers, deeds, membership lists, publications, scrapbook, clippings, motion picture film, audio tapes, photographs and memorabilia.

  • Greenville Industries Records, 1950-2007 (#1207)

Records (1950-2007) of Greenville Industries, including by-laws, certificate of incorporation, board minutes, correspondence, contracts, deeds, and blueprints, and of longtime board member and president Charles O’Hagan Horne, Jr. (1970-2000), including correspondence, financial records, blueprints, maps, and reports. Greenville Industries was a for-profit corporation founded to sell land at reduced rates to industries to encourage them to set up businesses in Pitt County, North Carolina.

  • Lynndale Garden Club Collection, 1974-2016 (#1278)

Collection consists of material related to the history of the Lynndale Garden Club of Greenville, North Carolina, from its founding in 1974 to 2016. Included are meeting minutes, executive board minutes, newsletters, photographs, clippings, yearbooks, brochures, membership rosters, treasurer reports, constitutions and by-laws, and engagement calendar books put out by the Garden Club of North Carolina, Inc., which contain photographs of winning arrangements by garden club members (including members of Lynndale Garden Club).

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