New Library Technician in Preservation Services at UNC Greensboro

Contributed by Hollie Stevenson-Parrish

University Libraries welcomed Suzanne Sawyer as the new Library Technician in Preservation Services.

Sawyer earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Art Education from Virginia Commonwealth University and a Master of Fine Arts degree in Book Arts from the University of Alabama.

Prior to joining University Libraries, Sawyer was an Assistant Book and Paper Conservator for Etherington Conservation Services, a Book and Paper Conservation Technician at Emory University Libraries, an Education Director at Atlanta Printmakers Studio, an Instructor of Two Dimensional Design at the University of Alabama and a high school grade chair and art teacher at the Westminster Schools. Sawyer is also an exhibiting book artist and sculptor, as well as the proprietor of Down Home Girl Studio.

As Library Technician, Sawyer’s major categories of work include conservation for damaged materials and newly acquired materials; preservation of the University Libraries’ collections, which include the Harold Schiffman Music Library, Special Collections, University Archives, and the general Walter Clinton Jackson Library holdings; repairing rush items requested by patrons; and constructing special housing for unique items for both the general collections and holdings in Special Collections and University Archives.

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