Content, Context, and Capacity: TRLN’s Large-Scale Digitization Project

Submitted by: Lauren Menges

Content, Context, and Capacity (CCC): A Collaborative Large-Scale Digitization Project on the Long Civil Rights Movement in North Carolina is entering its third and final year of operation. CCC is an LSTA funded project undertaken by the Triangle Research Libraries Network (comprised of Duke University, NC Central University, NC State University, and UNC-Chapel Hill). Together, the four university libraries will digitize a total of thirty-nine manuscript collections and archival record groups (creating approximately 400,000 digital objects). In addition, audio collections from Duke and UNC will be digitized throughout the remainder of the project. The digitized content is freely accessible on the open web through both Search TRLN and the four university libraries’ websites.

The thematic focus of CCC is the Long Civil Rights Movement in North Carolina (ca. 1930s—1980s), and the goals of the project are:

  • To promote and support educational and scholarly research uses of modern manuscripts and archival resources
  • To provide a proof of concept for a collaborative approach to large-scale digitization
  • To develop shared standards and practices
  • To test inter-institutional workflows for use by the four libraries and other potential partners in future digitization projects

To date, approximately 313,000 digital objects have been created, or 78.4% of the project total. The project continues to push forward ahead of schedule, and is expected to be complete in early 2014.

Check out the project’s website at for up to date digitization progress and project details.

For collection highlights, look at our Facebook page:

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